Discover the gift of music

"The piano is a universal instrument. If you start there, learn your theory and how to read, you can go on to any other instrument."

--Eddie Van Halen‚Äč


Musica Studio, located in Gwinnett County, goes beyond simply being a studio that teaches a student how to play the piano. "My students also learn an appreciation of music, how to have fun with music, and how to experience the community of music through group performance classes, recitals, and participation in the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) Festival, " said Nancy Eckert, the instructor. 

Musica Studio offers beginning, intermediate and advanced piano lessons to children, youth and adults. In addition to private lessons utilizing a grand piano, students are also scheduled to work on a computerized, interactive music theory program. 

Ms. Eckert has a unique background that combines being a music professional as well as a professional educator. Her extensive experience as an educator heavily influences her teaching style at the piano as her instruction is tailored specifically to the individual needs of the student.

If you or your child is interested in studying piano with Ms. Eckert then please visit our Contact Us page to schedule an interview. There is no charge for the interview as it is primarily an opportunity to meet Ms. Eckert and learn more about her program. 

"Piano should be the one... because that's your basis.

Everything is right there in front of you." 

--Billy Eckstine