"...Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy."-- Beethoven

 General CLASS Information

Musica Studio offers beginning, intermediate and advanced piano lessons to children, youth and adults. Lessons are generally 45 minutes in length with 30-minute lessons for children under the age of seven. Advanced students and adults receive an hour-long lesson. 


Students perform in two recitals each school year: Fall and Spring. In addition to recitals, students participate in the NFMC Festival held annually, in March. Participation in the festival provides an opportunity to perform in a positive, supportive environment where their work can be recognized through certificates and Gold Cup awards. Other performance opportunities are available on an individual basis, as needed. 


Group performance classes are held periodically throughout the school year.  Group performance classes provide the student with the opportunity to perform for a small group of their peers and to participate in group learning activities. During these classes the student's performance is videotaped and is later evaluated by the student and teacher during a private lesson. These classes are highly motivational and attendance in the group performance classes is a requirement for all students.


Lessons not canceled at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson will not be made up. Lessons canceled by the instructor will definitely be made up. No refunds or credits of tuition will be given for missed lessons. If you need to cancel a lesson, please contact Ms. Eckert at (678) 377-9820 or via email as soon as possible.

To download a Scheduling Form, please click here  (Note: You will be directed to an online storage site).